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My name is Alberta Bivens. I am writing this letter because I am very disappointed in the treatment that I received from this shop.

I came into the shop in February to purchase some rims for my car as a birthday gift for myself. I am not familiar with the purchasing of rims so I depended on your guys to give me quality service since they are “professionals”. After the rims were placed on my car, the tires and rims could be seen protruding out from the car a little. The gentleman (the tall heavy set guy) in the shop told me that was normal and that’s the style for many drivers.

With me not knowing the history of protruding wheels, I took his word for it. I drove my car very seldom being that it is my luxury vehicle. The times that I did drive it, when I would drive down the freeway and hit the dips in the road my tires would rub under the car. After several times of this, I checked the tires and there were indentions in the tires from the rubbing of the car on them.

I bought my car back to your shop and showed it to the guys in there and was told that I could get shock locks to put between the shocks in the back. I went across the street from your shop to the auto parts store and purchased those parts but when I returned to your shop I was told that you all do not install them. I asked several people about installing the locks and was informed that they would make my ride in my car an uncomfortable and hard ride. I was also informed that the tires were the wrong ones for my car.

I was told at your shop that the road hazard I had purchased when I bought my tires and rims from you would no longer cover the tires that had the indentions in the side due to the rubbing which meant I had purchased 4 new tires from you but now only 2 were covered with road hazard. I took my car to 2 more shops and asked how I could solve the problem with the rims, being that I could not ride anyone in my car in the back seat because the weight had my car continuously rubbing on the rear tires. I was told each time that the rims where the wrong one. I took my car to Custom Audio on last week and they also told me that the rims were the wrong one.

I was told that your shop only matched the bolt pattern of my car with the rims and not verified that the rims were the correct ones that would properly fit a 2006 Buick LaCrosse. I had to purchase a new set of rims that were designed to properly fit my car so as to solve the issue that I had. Since installing the new rims, I do not have the protruding tires and rims and I no longer have the problem of the rubbing of the tires. I am able to ride others in my car without worrying that my tires are going to blow out.

I feel as a female if you all are only in the business of making a $1 and you do not care about the safety of human life, then you should find other business. When I chose the rims in your place that I liked, I feel that as professional dealers, I should have been told that those rims would not have fit my car properly thus leaving the option of me looking for another set that would. Not only was my life at harm of having an accident if I had a tire blow out, but also the life of anyone else that was in the vehicle with me.

I feel that if you are going to deal with the public and I am quite sure I am not the only female that has purchased tires and rims from you all, you should have the compassion of distributing the correct products for your clients and not looking at only the money value of it.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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Evansville, Indiana, United States #829720

Yes, they took advantage of you. Even if you said you wanted bigger wheels, they should've informed you on the maximum size that would properly fit your car.

I'm a grandma, but I have been in the car hobby for years. In fact, I just ordered new wheels and tires for my 2008 Chrysler Aspen 4wd SUV from Discount Tire. It had factory 18" wheels when I bought it new. I just rolled the odometer over to 40,000 miles and tires needed replaced.

I decided to go with new tires and 22" wheels. Discount Tire made sure there would be no clearance problems and also called Chrysler to make certain they would not hurt my lifetime warranty because bigger tires will cause your speedometer to be off a bit. Plus, the truck has a HEMI engine that only uses 4 of its 8 cylinders when possible to save fuel. Its called an MDS motor (multi-displacement system).

Chrysler is going to adjust some settings on the ECU so that everything works like it did with the smaller wheels. Moral of the story; go with a company that is reputable and has been in the business a LONG time and check with your car's manufmanufacturer. I'm so very sorry this happened to you. They were looking for a quick sale, sold you something you didn't need, put the integrity of your car at risk, but most importantly.....your life and others.

Report them to the Better Business Bureau and contact the main corporate office of that store. It's probably a a franchise, but it's still representing a brand name of the company. Stay safe and always do your research.

Knowledge is power and your safety shield. ;o)

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