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My young and naive son got 4 sparkly rims from these idiots for $1400 on a rent to own contract. After paying $200 a month for 9 months, he still owes over $900...

now that he lost his job, they are blowing up his phone wanting "their" rims back. Every time he calls them, his balance is different. They are banking on the fact that he is young and doesn't know his rights as a consumer. Finally, they told him that they were sending the police to our home.

The poor kid believed the hype and was fearful of coming home. And now they sent a letter stating that my son has committed a "FELONY". Now the *** rims got jacked (good riddance) along with his car stereo. YOUNG PEOPLE!

Save your money and buy what you want!!!


Monetary Loss: $500.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #866931

Hey, listen to this.... If you would read the agreement your son signed you would see where it states that he has 90 days same as cash, if he decides to pay the minimum amount every week for 52 weeks then he would end up paying double the cash price, so if the wheels are priced at 1400 cash value then the full 52 week agreement balance will be 2800 and after the 90 days has passed, they offer a 50% payoff of the remaining agreement balance, but seeing that you said he has been paying for them for 9 months, he has paid about 1800 of the 2800 off from the full 52 week agreement which would leave him with about 900-1000 left to pay, and seeing how he is about 3 months away from the 12 month mark he wont get much of a discount payoff.

Make sense? And Yes Rent A Wheel CAN press charges and it CAN be as much as 3rd degree felony theft of property for failure to pay or return the merchandise. WHICH he is still fully responsible for even in the event of a total loss or theft. So if they were stolen then the smart thing to do is pay the account up to date, bring in the police report and show them he is willing to do what it takes to make it right...

So my suggestion is pay up or lawyer up...

No I don't work for them, I'm just smart...

PS, Who would be dumb enough to turn down a company for giving them 90 days to payoff X amount of dollars for some wheels that normally you would have to pay the full lump sum all at once by saving money for a year??? And if they don't pay off the cash price before the 90 thats their own dumb fault and should be charged extra for being *** enough to not pay more each week or when ever he has extra money.

Sebring, Florida, United States #743274

Hey... Why you blame in this people,? The only problem you have is your *** and ignorant SON that he think he can buy something and no paid for....Let him grow up and should him that if he want something he need to paid for...DOMMY :p

Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, United States #701385

i hope you got your money back.

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