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So let me start off by saying I have been dealing with this place for the last 2 years.... it all started when we negotiated for new tires and rims....

we agreed on a price. They went back to take the old tires and rims off and put the new Tire and rims on..... It was a long wait.. they came back and said oh by the way your car has tire pressure sensors and to take those off the old tires and put them on the new it's going to cost you $100 a tire.....

that should have been something that was discussed when we talked about all the pricing not after you've taken everything off. Since you knew the tire pressure sensors were on there because you're a tire place and tire pressure sensors were mandatory on every car after 2007, and our car is a 2012. Then they couldn't even get the tire pressure sensors off..... It was absolute ridiculousness we paid for the new tires and rims and took the old tires home with us we pulled the sensors out our self which was extremely easy....

I couldn't for the life of me understand why they could not get them out.... Besides the fact that they didn't know what they were doing... after one of my tires exploded.. I took it back to Rent A Wheel and had them replace the tire which cost me $$..

then they told me that my tire pressure sensors went in there and I told him yes I was very much aware and explain to them what happened when we had our tires and rims a place.... And the man was really very nice don't get me wrong and explained that it was just whoever was there being lazy.... Which didn't surprise me since we in fact took them off ourselves at home and said that if we brought them in he would go ahead and do it for us and not charge us. Which was really nice of him and I told him I didn't have him with me.

I told him that I would have to get them from home. The next time I go back there's all new staff there's only maybe one or two people that were there from the last visit..... I don't know what happened but of course nothing was documented they spent you know 20 minutes trying to find our purchase which I wish I had brought the receipt with me... But ultimately they did end finding our purchases and did end up putting on the sensors.

Since we purchased these tires and rims all four tires have blown.....

And to be honest I can't even remember ever hitting a pothole. All of them exploded on the inner well wall.... Meaning on the inner side of the tire...the part you cant see. When they gave us the new tires they had a special lug nut that locks the tire that you have to have a special tool for and each time we had to have the tire replaced that piece cracked.....

Including this time. I had to go back before replacing my FOURT Tire and buy another one... Mind you these are $20 a pop...(I am now $80 in just in tools). I brought the first two tires that popped back to them and each one they told me oh something cut it from the inside.....

Which I find highly unlikely to tires in a row.... After it happened with the third one we had the two back tires replace by Geralds Tires, which meant that we still had the front 2 from rent a wheel. One that had replace and one left of the original four... and then yesterday I was driving to class on Rivers did not even hit a pothole ...just driving along and heard a huge pop.

I pulled my car over and what do you know my fourth Tire had exploded...again from the inner well... do not buy any tires from this place... I will never do business here again and I will make sure that everyone knows not to do business here.

I will also go through and find the pictures that I took of all the other tires and post them on here as well.

By the way we paid cash for everything if you are a cash pay hold on to all your stuff...we held onto all of our receipts.... Because if you're not on a payment plan they act like they can't find you in the system and spend 10-15 minutes looking for your name...like you never bought anything there

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Thanks for the info I'm sorry they ripped you off God bless


This same thing with the tires happened to me one blew Saturday then the other one blew Thursday. I thought I needed a alignment so I took it and had it done and they said it was fine so it’s definitely the tires

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