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First off i'm a 17 year old guy. I have a 2005 Hyundai Tiburon GT and needed tires badly, I have a friend who referred me to "Rent a Wheel" and on the outside seemed like a good deal too get some tires that I NEEDED and rims as well.

September 2nd 2016: Called in advance too leaving for a 40 minute drive up there, got about 6 texts from the one I spoke too on the phone while driving up their. "I picked out some rims for your Tiburon." Sent me 3 picture messages of STR Racing Rims which all were 18" wheels. I got down their and he showed me them in person, we walked outside and held them up next to my Tiburon, the wheel was much bigger than my stock wheel which measure in at 17". I asked him if the 18" STR would fit and he said "Not a problem.

We can fit any wheel you want on your vehicle. Even 20" if that's your style." So we head back inside and they start bringing out paper work (before I even ask questions, OR say if I even want too buy them.) I ask how much money they are and he won't give me a number. He just keeps typing on his computer as if he's avoiding the question. I say I have a certain budget I have set and he says i'll see what we can do.

He takes my ID, 2 pay stubs, social security card, insurance, and registration. I ask "Do you have too be 18? Or am I able to do this being only 17, a minor." He stops what he's doing and sort've stutters, then walking away to chat with the store manager. The store manager says they'll go through with it because my birthday is November 17th which means I'll be 18 in 2 months.

He starts going through my stuff again, asking me too fill out a form, wanting name, address, basic stuff, then towards the bottom were bank and insurance information. Routing numbers, checking and savings account numbers. Insurance user id and password, account number, social security number, personal references. I skipped a majority of that except SSN and personal references.

They asked me if my car was registared too me and if I was the lienholder ln the insurance. I said no, the car is registered too my father and insured too my father, but I am an insured driver on the plan. They say ok. So he finally finshes typing my information down and gives me a number.

He says the payment will be $76.51 a week and the price of the wheels are $1601.87. I ask him if that includes new tires (the purpose of me doing this in the first place, too get new tires). He says they are Nexen, the only brand they carry. I ask him what the treadwear number on the tires are and he can't seem to comprehend what that means.

The kid installing the wheels comes in and says they're ready come look at them, I go outside and look at them and come back into the building and go through a packet of contracts for about 20 minutes, with the store manager flipping through pages saying signature here, here, initials here, without giving me a chance to read anything. I say wait up I want too read this. He persists it's not necessary and just "generic rules" but I read through most of it. Then he says their is an installation fee and first week of rent that I have too pay now.

He says $200, I was more around $100, he meets me at $130. He takes my card, copies down all the info, number, exp, SSV, and rings me up for $130. Then I get a new packet with the receipt, and other "contracts". They say i'm good too go, I make my 40 minute drive home and go through the new packet they gave me and this is where I find out 1.

They charged me a "Customer VIP road hazards fee" of $13.99 where it states (OPTIONAL) and has a signature box next too it. It wasn't mentioned one time in my 2 hours abide at Rent a Wheel. Then the 52 weeks of payments on 50% interest if you don't do same as cash within 90 days. Then I see my back right tire has some peelings coming off of it.

I look closer and none of the tires look brand new. Not old but not brand new. I check the receipt they gave me and it reads TRNEX2254018 - USED (2)

I assumed at first that was the rim because why would they sell me used tires when I explicity asked if they were new and they said YES! Turns out I got brand new STR 18"x9.5 rims and used tires, yet i'm being charged $700 for the USED tires.

This is just the start of many problems. I have a long talk with my father and figure it's best too just eat the $130 I payed and go back and have them put my stock wheels back on and end the contract. I cal back saying I am going too bring them back down ASAP and cancel the rental. They say ok ok bring it down well take care of you no problem.

Yeah. This is where things get real ugly. I noticed the wheels poked out the side a bit. He told me they fit my car, he's the wheel specialist so I took his work for it.

This was 9/2/16 Friday. After only 4 DAYS of driving there's a lot of rubbing between the back fender and the outside of the tire which pokes out. Anytime theres a little dip in the road or sharp turn it would rub the fender. Clearly these wheels do not fit my car so I drove it as light as possible until zi could return them Tuesday.

I worked Saturday, Sunday, Labor Day off, decided too go back Tuesday. Tuesday 9/7/16 4:00pm I head back down too Rent A Wheel with my stock tires loaded up in my hatch. I arrive and am greeted by somebody I haven't seen last time. He asks me what i'm here for I explain everything and how I'm dissapointed receiving USED tires for the price of brand new ones.

He pretty much ignored everything I said and looks straight at the rear tire, pointing out the gash where the fender has ate away some of the rubber from the tire rubbing the car. I restate that I was given used tires and I wanna cancel my rental. He responds "Oh no brother. We ain't taking these back.

These are damaged merchandise." I am absolutely furious by this moment. I tell him I ASKED if 18" wheels would fit my Tiburon, I was told YES, i was told it was no problem. He keeps saying "damaged merchandise. We aren't taking these back.

You must pay for them." He gets the store manager on the phone, trying to twist what i've said and keeps saying how I damaged it. I say you guys told me the wheels would fit on my Tiburon. He says "That's besides the point 'brother'. What happened too those tires was due too your NEGLIGENCE." I then tell him why would you pick out rims that don't fit my car and ring me up for them.

I'm not the wheel expert, that's why I came here. He then repeats it was "my negligence which led too that." He tells me too come back this Friday when the store manager will be here, I tell him I have work I cannot come back Friday. He repeats "come back Friday. We are open 10am-7 just come back then." I clearly state I work all day and CANNOT come back but he was to simple minded too understand.

I walk out and leave. Come back an hour later and buy out my rental for $1534.33 and he says I'll receive a title in the mail within 2 weeks saying the merchandise is mine.

I am completely stuck on what I should do. - Zach

Product or Service Mentioned: Rent A Wheel Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Experience with rent a wheel, Service, Lies.

  • Rent A Wheel Scam
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Theft by deception. It's real.

You were promised one thing and they sold you something else under the pretense that it's accurate (knowing it wasn't) . That's theft by deception(which you can file a warrant of arrest ). That's only one claim you have...

I hope you worked all this out by now. I have never EVER seen a company with so many disgustingly outstanding negative reviews and still do crazy amounts of business.

Madisonville, Kentucky, United States #1273524

First off, your young and people will try taking advantage of that. When your desperate the *** will crawl all over you if you let them.

ALWAYS get everything in writing, signed and dated. If you have all that... get legal aid! Best free thing nationwide, but...

be sure your ready to deal with the pressure and stand up for what's right.

You got ripped off, but learn from it and don't let it happen again. Hope things work out for you when everything is said and done.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1238829

I agree with the anonymous from Kokomo. You are under age minor, contracts entered into by minors are not enforceable and may be rescinded.

Hire an attorney and sue them for Negligence under federal contract laws of a minor. That's only the beginning, you can sue for damages and stress, and full attorney fees.

They clearly knew that you were a minor before entering into the contact when they took your ID. They denied you the legal right to rescind the contract when you went back.

Any attorney would love to chew this for lunch and dinner, why?

because you can sue them for money (a lot) and the actual new tires that you intended to buy.

Be smart, look for an attorney.

Woodstock, Georgia, United States #1230918

This franchisee sounds like a scammer, BUT I have to tell you what you did wrong, so it doesn't happen to you again.


Your situation would have never happened to me, because I read and understand contracts.

I'm not blaming you as a young adult and not knowing your rights, but NEVER let yourself be pushed or persuaded to sign any contract, service agreement or anything else, regardless of what some A**hole salesman tells you.

Just because they are friendly doesn't mean they are your friend.

Be careful of scumbags in this world my friend!


Wow! It's been a few days since you posted this.

What I just read is insane. It seems to be the theme of most of the buyers that shop with them across the country. I don't know your state statutes but I do believe you should not have been given a contract being a minor as one of the other people posted. If you get a good attorney your should be able to get your money back.

I also would contact your local news station to see if you have a legit claim. The media seems to get things done in the consumers favor. They don't want a bad wrap on the news.

I hope things work out for you young man. Say no to crack and say no to RENTAWHEEL I guess!

Miami, Florida, United States #1210299

Just went through your review and man it must suck, Sorry for what happened to you. And also thank you you just stopped me from even considering them.

Clute, Texas, United States #1209523

Being a minor, they cannot hold you to a contract. Period.

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1209510

File a small claims in your town and sue them. Or, find an attorney in your area that does free consultation (some will listen and give advice over phone) and get advice from them, and ask about laws in your area about being 17 and being held for contracts, and not being owner etc. Heck, you might be able to get money from them on top of what you paid if it messed up your car.

to Anonymous York, Pennsylvania, United States #1333114

Rediculous, this pissed me off to read. Hope it all works out in the end and sure it will. As aforementioned, with your Dads guidance, get some council and get those fools!

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