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I lost my job but i was still making my payments, i admits i was late at times but still making payments.$ 3345 all i owe is about 700and they want to take my rims back....just because I'm playing late..but I'm almost done i just want to finish paying and never deal with them again...pedro j muriel Add comment

  • Apr 22
  • Rentals
  • Valdosta, Georgia
  • Tires
  • 32

I went to rent a wheel in valdosta ga what a joke for customer service i walked in and waited for 25 mins before someone came out to see what i wanted guys was in the back of store talking about what had happened at the club that weekend another guy was waiting as well he walked out when someone came out front to help me i asked about some tires he said o their to high for you so i just walked... Read more

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Rim started cracking after 11 months they refused to fix it. tried Saying it's my fault yet theres not one scratch ..funny how i just paid it off so they dont wanna even look at it ...worst company ever rob people of there money and sell garbage rims for 1500.00 ... Add comment

Rent a wheel in columbus Georgia sucks.even being in the vip program they still trip about giving you those USED *** tires. They act like used tires are really going to last long sitting on rims.and i never missed a payment but the month before i was completely paid off i missed the payment but would have it in four days.they didn't care..still wanted the rims...busters Add comment

I have been a loyal consumer of rent a wheel. I have paid thousands of dollars on my rims & yet get calls constantly from your office in Port Richey Fl. I make my payments every week & only owe like less then $500 on my rims. Now tell me is it policy for all your offices to call & harass consumers that pay. Please tell me.... Add comment

  • Apr 06
  • Rentals
  • South Carolina, United States
  • Tires
  • 133

after driving 60 plus miles to the nearest raw shop I waited 4 and a half hours only to leave with 3 tires because they couldn't get the 4th one to seal, then damaged 2 out of the 4, sorry service. bonus. I was out of work a few weeks sick told them I would double up on my payments and they drafted money out of my bank account without my consent. caused me to have 13 NSF at my bank. and even... Read more

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  • Apr 04
  • Rentals
  • Midland, Texas
  • Contract
  • 86

Rent a wheel in Midland Texas has some how assumed they could change the day when they take the payment off my card with out me knowing I have been up to date on my payments and the payment before last they changed the date by a whole week the next payment was taken off on a Thursday and the next payment was taken off on a friday that is a breach of contract I am down with any lawsuit hit me up... Read more

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tent a wheel on s pecos are rude liers and tell u what you want to hear when u get them but when a problem persist they give you every excuse in the book and wont give you corperates number Add comment

Rent a wheel tryed to rent me used tires saying they were new, when i tryed to take them back they only took one, and claimed the other was damaged and wouldnt take it back. And now they are trying to make me pay for a tire that is no good. They say it was new, but it was a used tire. Add comment

they overcharged me for my tires and still continues the took money out of my account and didn't explain to me the 90 days same as cash policy very well and didn't even give me a copy of the contract everytime I call regarding my account they are very rude and the man dave at the rent a wheel on Bissonnet in Houston Texas hung up in my face Add comment

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