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they overcharged me for my tires and still continues the took money out of my account and didn't explain to me the 90 days same as cash policy very well and didn't even give me a copy of the contract everytime I call regarding my account they are very rude and the man dave at the rent a wheel on Bissonnet in Houston Texas hung up in my face Add comment

They hooked me up in San Diego best in the WEST . SHOUT OUT TO MY CHULA VISTA LOCATION Add comment

Lol sounds like they suck i wont use then just bc all the bad commits Add comment

call in at farmington new mexico office try to make payment arrangment. i thought since i was paying on time they would help but just laughed at and told if you cant pay bring me your tires until you can. It was like i wasn't going to pay but hello guy thats the point of making payment arrangment. Add comment

I bought 4 tires drove 6 blocks and two went flat. Then I see they put on used set of tires. I have my truck tow back there they refused to fix the tires just put on the truck cause the side walls are bad. Yeah 1600$ and I got taken sweet Add comment

No experience but after reading all the complaints I don't need that *** , don't need somebody to rip me off n think its cool. Thank you but no thank you... Add comment

Rent a wheel is a rip off cause my balance was 499 at the end of December beret it is March and my balance is 417 in March something wrong with this picture never again I wouldn't refer my worst enemy to rent a wheel I learnt my lesson stay away from these people unless you got money to through away Add comment

They guaranteed no rub, their tires have demolished my inner fenders and is ripping fenders off. They tried to charges me over $1200 for $500 tires Add comment

  • Feb 17
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  • Tucson, Arizona
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Is this how a former military man gets treated....a district manager rude and called me a liar after being quoted one price on a purchase at end of transaction tries to boost an additional $500 thinking i didnt see it, after i asked him and store manager as well is it same price nothing more or less they said correct! Rude and disrespectful to me and my parents who made the purchase. Then tell me... Read more

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Rent a Wheel/Rent a Tire shouldnt be in business. As a manager, I have seen first hand the lack of responsibility when it comes to upper management. This company is money hungry and simply take advantage of people when the opportunity presents its self. Stay away. I left the company for its ethics or lack of rather. Add comment

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