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Rent A Wheel
Main address: 2911 E. McDowell Rd. 85008 Phoenix AZ
(888) 505-8473, (877) 736-8284, ,
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  • Sep 19
  • Rentals
  • Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • Poor Customer Service
  • 217

I was not happy to find out that when I make a payment, I have to pay tax against the balance. But ok. Fine. But I asked TWICE what the balance was as I was getting to the end of the 90 days, and WHEN EXACTLY is my 90 days up. I was told SEPTEMBER 30th. Well, today, I call to pay off the balance (about 300 dollars) and I'm told the *contract* ended on the 12th. The manager (Barry???) says that "I... Read more

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Was going to go rent some tires but nevermind now read all these comments and don't like the situations guess y'all lost my money Add comment

Had issues with my payment date and they refused to work with me. Very disappointed with every employee that works there. They all told me different things and now they want the wheels back. No room to negotiate what so ever. I would not recommend this *** game to anyone in las cruces or anywhere else. I've read all the reviews and I'm not the only one this has happened to. Add comment


  • Sep 12
  • Rentals
  • Car Rental
  • 72

I'm at your location in Daytona beach florida on International speedway I dropped my car off at 12:00pm I get off at 3 as I told them. They said my car would be ready I get hear at 3:30 my car still sitting there same place I parked it at. I come in the all workers sitting on there *** during nothing telling me nothing there arguing who going do it n its crazy that u have 5 workers in place of... Read more

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  • Sep 06
  • Equipment
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Wheels Repair
  • 46

they said they couldnt help that *** iam getting a lawyer because i went to 3 wheel repair places in atlanta an they said that if its is the turtle wax car wash doing it well way are there only 2 wheels damage out of those people are full of it,but i aint going to let them get away with it.they think i am a fool will see who laugh last, dam that the management sucks they need new people... Read more

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  • Aug 08
  • Rentals
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 1
  • 1
  • 424

Where to begin this place has such a bad customer service so far the worst i had ever dealth with even worst than the old comcast customer service and the will lie to you to get you in to some use wheels and charge every fee and *** charge they can find, some people had to be putting up with this so they still in business I ask for there corporate number they give me pice of paper that numbers... Read more

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  • Aug 07
  • Rentals
  • Black Rims Purchase
  • 505

Hi,,my name is Tony Jenkins,,,and i own a 1998 firebird WS package which i wanted to make look a little nicer. My car is red and the ground effects are in black. i thought that by purchasing some nice black rims with a little crome on the would really make it nicer. i was told by rent a wheel in Greenville SC that i needed 1800 up front so they could be sure my intentions was to buy them.... Read more

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I am upset that I purchased some tired for my 22in rims last year in august and here it is about to be august and they are still expecting me to pay on them. And not only that but my account had been renewed and my payment was changing. They used my old information from my car that has 24in rims and tires to have in the system for my other vehicle. How da *** does it take this long to pay on... Add comment

Worst place in the world. I had 22s put on my car and left to go out of town and had a issue. I go to the one of the places in a different state completely rude and do nothing. I ended up coming out of 200 and now they want a payment not to mention I pay insurance on these rims. Complete scam. Don't do it. Add comment

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