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Rent A Wheel
Main address: 2911 E. McDowell Rd. 85008 Phoenix AZ
(888) 505-8473, (877) 736-8284, ,
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Worst place in the world. I had 22s put on my car and left to go out of town and had a issue. I go to the one of the places in a different state completely rude and do nothing. I ended up coming out of 200 and now they want a payment not to mention I pay insurance on these rims. Complete scam. Don't do it. Add comment

Went in to get a screw removed from one of the 4 tires I bought at rentawheel and was told they couldn't help me. I paid my bill in full a month before the 3 months was up and they had an issue looking for my account. They found it eventually and even with my own receipt they couldn't assist me. It's ridiculous that after spending 800 dollars they couldn't do something on the agreement said they... Add comment

  • Jul 22
  • Rentals
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Contract Payout
  • 19

My early payout for todays date according to the contract I signed says I would pay 553.37 but when I call them on the phone they tell me I still owe over 740.00 to pay out. What a scam. I will never reefer these people to anyone. If you can avoid them I would at all costs. I mean it would cost me more to take them to court than its worth. I don't know if it is like this in other areas but i am... Read more

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  • Jul 19
  • Equipment
  • Online Payment
  • 71

I purchased 20 inch rims and tires about 6 months ago I use to go in and make my payments but due to the harassment I stopped and decided to start paying on line everytime it was something bad enough they were raping me with their eyes. But anyway I made my usual payment online to find out they already went and took the money I called to only have some ghetto unprofessional female go back in... Read more

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  • Jul 16
  • Rentals
  • Augusta, Georgia
  • Owed Payment
  • 37

last month i went in and was told i owed 58 dollars on my last payment did i want to put new tires on my caddy i told i think about it after i made the last payment today they called saying i owed them i 158 and its due today i told them its not 158 and it was my last payment ill be in on friday we said he dont play that way *** get it today company ran by thugs threaten you if ur late its a... Read more

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This place is a scam, put big tire on my car and when I went to switching them they just flip them inside out and took them over three hours. Manager never around and distric manager can't seem to pay his phone. They have rude porch monkeys working in the back that insulted me when I complained ... Try luckys tire in Houston, these guys are humble and honest and way better prices Add comment

  • Jul 11
  • Rentals
  • Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Rims
  • 28

paid rims off on Tuesday got new brakes on Thursday 7/10/2014 man informed me I would need spacers went to rent a wheel got them Jay gave me the wrong ones not one time but two times. went back on 7/11/2014 to see if he would give the right spacers or a bigger rim that's what was required . he blatantly refused to do anything for me to help resolve the problem they are crooks and liars. he... Read more

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  • Jul 10
  • Rentals
  • Doylestown, Pennsylvania
  • Rims And Tires
  • 32

Purchased new set of rims and tires from them. Everything was good. After about 6 months of driving one tire was diffracted. So I had to get some new tires just after 6 months, when I went to a shop to get new tires they said that my rim is to small, should of been used on a car not SUV and then they said that these guys installed tires that can't even support the weight of the car. I have... Read more

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  • Jul 08
  • Rentals
  • Tires
  • 94

I Went To Rent A Wheel A Few Months Ago In Macon ga And Purchased A Set Of Wheels And Tires And Had Them Installed. I Was Excited Because I Have Been Wanting Some For A Long Time. When They Pulled My Suv Around I Was Very Happy. When I Checked To Make Sure The Old Tires And Wheel Were Covered So That They Did Not Mark Up My Seat I Noticed My Kenwood Nav/Dvd System Was Missing So Before Leaving... Read more

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I got some tires and wheels from the store they were friendly and helpful.I did not no it was that easy to get wheels and tires. Add comment

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