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  • Nov 28
  • Rentals
  • Corona, California
  • Chrome Rims
  • 28

I was a returning customer to rent a wheel in ontario ca ,i apply online printed certificate of approval for 5000 they called me so i went in didnt have my rims in stock so they ordered so did paperwork and paid money down towards my rims 3 days go buy nothing on rims not there yet 2 weeks kater they call say there a problem with my account they cant get me rims said i never paid g or my first... Read more

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The harass you and your family all the time! I get off late on Friday and have to pay my payments on Saturday and they are already calling me and my references at 5 o'clock on Friday asking where I'm at it ridiculous so glad I'm almost done with them I'll never be back!!!!! Add comment

  • Nov 12
  • Rentals
  • Austin, Texas
  • Rent A Wheel Billing Department
  • 141

My payment is only four days past due and he comes to my work place (which is fine) acting like COMMITTED some sort of felony act. his attitude is that of a teenager with his first job and has something to prove. Im sure someone with nothing to loose will set him strait sooner or later. I would appreciate it if this individual does not contact me again. Even after I paid more than was due he... Read more

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Your company sucks *** got the news on this your gonea go out of bizz because of how you treat your customers see you in court!!!! Add comment

Got hurt they came for the rims.was in hospital just got out yesterday.sueing them !!! Add comment

  • Nov 05
  • Rentals
  • Greenville, South Carolina
  • Rent A Wheel Billing Department
  • 119

Please do not patronize this business. They stole my money and the service is poor. They ran my card and got my money but I got no merchandise. They are thieves and robbers. They are very fast talking and rude. When I tried to ask them to return my money to my card they made an excuse that it would take seven business days which was a lie. We need to picket this business the whole lot of them are... Read more

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They also ran bank card permission end up paying more than what they are worth get one day behind they hound and threat to take the tires even when almost have them paid for they do not work with you 0 Add comment

Store 330 in Daytona Beach is terrible their workers are not trained to work with customers effectively . Their tactics are criminal and they have even called my bank requesting my balance. We only have a few payments left and they seem to get worse and worse as I pay my rims and tires off ! Never mess with this company and their illegal tactics. Add comment

  • Oct 03
  • Rentals
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 256

Rent a wheel in spartanburg is the worat place ever. If you need a tire do not go there. My tire went out on the interstatr and it was my fault that it wrnt out at 5:15pm. I called and they said they close at 6. I got there at 5:30pm only to eait because they messed the machine up to put the rims around the tire. I wrnt in to purchase a new set since the one tire went out but there attitude and... Read more

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  • Oct 02
  • Rentals
  • Houston, Texas
  • Rims
  • 184

They damaged the lips of all 4 rims and tried to tell me it was curb damage. They run my card without permission, and they told me that they cant do anything about my rims because its in the contract. Yet yall are the ones that damaged them!! The manager snapped an attitude with me and hung up the phone. This store is in Shreveport, LA and its beyond the worst ive ever dealt with. Im an insurance... Read more

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