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I just want my money back that i paid for on there warranty..they lied about all there road side assistance and now im stranded and i have 2 wait til 2morrow to get my car going..I need help on who to contact about my refund.. Read more

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I got some tires for my brand new 24 inch rims. The rims were my property. I was late on my payment so they came to my home and picked up my rims. I understand that was necessary, but when I went to go pick up my rims, they said they didn't have them. And the customer service are some rude *** ***. They still my rims and they better replace them. If they don't, I'm bringing in my lawyers. I hope rent a wheel from Harlingen, Texas on sunshine... Read more

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Yes everybody is right they are rude they look like excons they keep asking fo money but he never show me a single tire he never give me attention he keep talkin to jes homeboys i went back to get my paper work back cus i dont trust thugs. Add comment

Rent A Wheel - Review in Rentals category from Charlotte, North Carolina
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rented rims from there for 2 months. when i gave the rims back the mechanic messed up the install, causing the stud on my car to snap and my wheel to fly off the car while driving on 85! over $1,000 in damages to my car! they took blame for the damage but have done absolutely nothing to repair my car! i was told they don't reimburse for the tow i paid for or the work needed to get my car fixed!!! do not rent a *** thing from this company!! Read more

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This company is the worst company ever. The managers are theirs and the supervisor for Lubbock tx,odessa tx. Is the biggest thief. Why would a company keep a supervisor who is thief. The manager from Odessa tx. Frankie is a good manager and honest. To good to be working for this company Add comment

Woman blows up my phone to much like im going to steal the rims.. Also i was set up on a biweekly schedule but she calls every week ... I don't recommend this store to anyone Add comment

Purchased tires/ rims from these jokers about a month now. Got my tires done, left and was shaking like someone was making a drink. After spending the whole day there, they claimed my car wasn't balanced all the way, so bring it back. Did that, drove back up there, they balance again, left, still was shaking. The next day, getting my brakes done, no key. Paid 140, to have tires removed. Called them, they gave me 1st payment free. Fine, 3 weeks... Read more

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Service sucks , fat guy that runs the place is nasty , i went three times to get rims balanced and they never got it right . DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS THEY ARE ***. SOLD ME BENT RIMS. Add comment

I bought some tire pay for the mounting and balance only to gind out that they were'nt balanced. I call back to see if they would balance my wheels only to be to i had paid off my account and the balancing was my problem. Looks like we are going to court. Add comment

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